Nexus as a Container Registry

Over the last decade, developers have experienced a shift in the way applications and the underlying operating system are packaged and deployed. The rise in usage of Docker containers and Kubernetes (K8s), the most popular open source container-orchestration system, has transformed the software supply chain. On one side, development, testing and production teams gain the advantages of packaging code and all its dependencies into containers. While on the other hand, as each new technology is created, a complexity of new package management systems emerges. 

Open source and containerization redesigned an efficient value stream for building multiple types of applications for multiple types of ecosystems, but how do organizations store, manage and deploy their containerized applications using several different public sources (or registries)?

Simplified Container Management for Docker, Helm, and Kubernetes

Introducing Nexus as a Container Registry! Built on extensive enterprise storage capabilities, Nexus Repository is a robust package registry for all of your Docker images and Helm Chart repositories. As a single registry for all your Kubernetes deployments, Nexus Repository is backed by an extensive user community with over 5M instances deployed supporting over 1,200 organizations globally – 600+ large enterprise customers. Teams can choose between a high performance and completely free container registry with Nexus Repository OSS or, when needing enterprise scalability and features, Nexus Repository Pro

Unlike Docker Hub or Helm, development teams leverage Nexus Repository as their central access point for all public registries delivering a more efficient and stable solution to container management. In addition to being Integrated throughout your CI/CD build pipeline, there are many benefits to using a fully supported, enterprise grade container registry.

Key Differences Using Nexus as a Container Registry


Hybrid Flexibility – On-Prem/Cloud 

Nexus Repository as a Container Registry offers enterprise deployment flexibility for any business with on-prem, (Read more...)

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