New on Sonatype Learn: Outcome-based Training, New Courses, and a New Look!

The goal within the Customer Success organization here at Sonatype is simple: To maximize the value our customers receive from our products. Our popular Learn Site, which hosts customer-focused, on-demand training, has undergone several improvements over the last few months, each constructed with our customer’s success in mind!  

Outcome-Based Learning Paths

With the introduction of learning paths, we’re making the process of learning easier – and more comprehensive – than ever before. Learners will set out on a journey (quite literally) where they will first build a base of foundational knowledge, then progress through milestones that represent higher-level understanding.

Our learners will work their way through the milestones to reach “Journey’s End,” where they have an opportunity to earn a certificate of completion. More than just a “badge of honor,” these certificates provide management and team leads an insight to the progress of their teams; whether during initial rollout, employee onboarding, or a renewed commitment to getting the most out of Sonatype’s products.

Like all Learn site content, learning paths are self-paced, meaning learners can access the content as convenient for them – and revisit it as often as they like. With learning paths, however, we’ve collected content from across all Sonatype properties and beyond: Guides, help documentation, blogs, articles, and eLearning courses. In other words, we’ve done the legwork and amassed all of the expert-sourced materials, organized them logically, and presented them with our customer’s success in mind.

Click here for more information and take a look below at the paths we are rolling out with this initial launch. Rest assured, as with everything on the Learn site, more is on the way!

Course Updates – at the Speed of Innovation

We certainly live what we (Read more...)

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