Enzoic Wins Colorado Companies to Watch 2020

Out of nearly a thousand nominated companies, Enzoic was recently named a winner of the 2020 Colorado Companies to Watch (CCTW). This competitive annual award recognizes companies that  “are critical job creators, innovators, and drivers of [the] economy” in the state of Colorado. 

CCTW is a unique program, sponsored by the Bank of America, that acknowledges 50 high-performing second stage companies from across the state. ‘Second stage’ businesses are those that have passed the ‘start-up’ phase but have not yet fully matured, indicating the potential for growth. There were 50 winners chosen by CCTW’s volunteer judging panel. By being named as a winner, Enzoic is honored for their dedication, care, and influence as a growing business. 

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Enzoic is a CCTW winner because: 

1. They are on the cutting edge of cyber security technology, and they pride themselves on their ability to attract and retain talent. 

2. They have a strong yet flexible company culture; they promote a positive work environment in a dog friendly office located across from Eben G. Fine park in Boulder. Their leadership team has proven successful in growing Colorado based companies.

3. They care deeply about the local community. Their executive team participates in mentorship programs with the University of Colorado and the company also provides educational sessions for community events including Boulder Start Up Week. Enzoic also provides several of their cyber security services for free to the community!

The Enzoic team is proud to receive the 2020 CCTW award and they are excited about the future! 

About Enzoic 

Founded as ‘PasswordPing’ in 2016, Enzoic was created out of a desire to help people adapt rapidly and easily to the complex cyber landscape. 

As a cybersecurity company, Enzoic functions in an ever-evolving threat sphere of cyber criminals. Innovation is at the core of what Enzoic does, and creative thinking is essential to their success. They take a completely novel approach to solving account takeover for corporate networks and internet facing online services.

The Enzoic team collects data from the dark web, but they differ from competitors in their innovative approach to privacy. Their ability to determine if a username and password is compromised does not require any password or hash value (a common type of fingerprint) to be sent to the cloud service.

A pivotal moment for the company was the introduction of their product integration into Windows Active Directory Server. Active Directory remains the most popular network user directory in corporate IT. Enzoic introduced a simple integration plug-in which makes it extremely easy for IT Administrators who are not security professionals to help their organization comply with the new National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines – and improve their security. 

By upending the arduous and often scary process of maintaining a secure network, Enzoic helps companies and customers achieve efficiencies and safety within their own systems.

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