Enhanced Integration with ServiceNow Service Graph Connector Program Accelerates Risk Reduction

Building on our long-standing partnership and integrations with ServiceNow, Forescout is excited to announce an integration with the ServiceNow® Service Graph Connector Program, a new designation within the Technology Partner Program. Forescout is an early adopter of ServiceNow’s integration framework and has built a Forescout Service Graph Connector to help organizations ingest and centralize IT, IoT and OT asset data and intelligence within the ServiceNow Service Graph and Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Through this integration, asset lifecycles and security management workflows are automated thereby reducing security risk and accelerating time to value.

“ServiceNow is leading the future of work by creating great experiences for businesses,” said Jeff Hausman, vice president and general manager of IT Operations Management, Security, and CMDB, ServiceNow. “We are pleased to have Forescout integrate its Service Graph Connector and enable customers to better manage devices across campus, IoT, and OT – leading to better security and operations management.”

ServiceNow Service Graph, the next-generation system of record for digital products and services addresses the entire technology stack from infrastructure to the application layer. It includes ServiceNow’s CMDB, the repository for all infrastructure, relationships and configuration management information. With Service Graph, IT organizations are empowered with a broad and deep data foundation for managing the entire lifecycle of digital products and services. In addition, it underpins all ServiceNow products, allowing customers to tie together technology components, people, and processes into a service-oriented view. This connected approach enables customers to leverage their existing CMDB investments to rationalize portfolios, automate development, streamline cloud and security operations, manage risk, and understand ROI to drive high-value business outcomes. 

By leveraging the new ServiceNow Service Graph framework and building a Forescout Service Graph Connector, Forescout fortifies its existing Forescout eyeExtend for ServiceNow integration. The automated and streamlined Service Graph integration architecture allows mutual customers to quickly and reliably ingest Forescout device data into the CMDB and streamline the correlation of Forescout data with other data sources for a comprehensive data repository. Data accuracy is improved, allowing customers to rely on the CMBD as their single source of truth for asset intelligence. Further, the new standardized table and data formats facilitate a seamless implementation experience for customers.

“Forescout has proactively increased the security posture of the enterprise and leveraged the automation to share rich contextual device data to ServiceNow’s Service Graph and CMDB. This has increased our asset management efficiency and accuracy, while also enabling us to better understand our assets with a service-oriented perspective,” said Kevin See, Deputy CIO, California Department of Water Resources.

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