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Avast and the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) have announced details of the workshop sessions for the 2020 CyberSec&AI Connected conference. Aimed at academics and industry professionals who operate at the intersection of AI, cybersecurity and machine learning, the workshop focuses on the theme of AI for privacy and security. 

“We are really excited to have put together such a strong set of workshop presentations,” says Petr Somol, AI Research Director at Avast. “The quality of presenters — and the spectrum of institutions and organizations they represent — offer delegates a real chance to deep dive into the very latest research and thinking within AI, cybersecurity, and privacy.”

The workshop forms part of an impressive conference agenda that includes speakers such as Roger Dingledine (Tor Project), Garry Kasparov (Chess Grandmaster), Carmela Troncoso (EPLF Switzerland) and Hany Farid (UC Berkeley). 

CyberSec&AI Connected will be a fully immersive digital experience with live Q&As with speakers and workshop hosts as well as online networking sessions. All attendees have access to a Virtual Library, which will make all eight plus hours of presentations available after the event.

Workshop agenda

Academic sessions

Efficient Black-box Optimization of Adversarial EXE Windows Malware

Luca Demetrio, PhD Student, Università degli Studi di Genova

Revisiting Concept Drift Detection in Malware Classification

Feargus Pendlebury, PhD Cybersecurity Researcher, King’s College London

Towards Explainable Representations of Malware Behavior

Paul Prasse, Postdoc, Cisco & University of Potsdam 

GLYPH: Efficient ML-based Detection of Heap Spraying Attacks

Fabio Pierazzi, Assistant Professor, King’s College London

Industry sessions

A Machine-learning Method to Explore the UEFI Landscape 

Filip Mazan, ESET 

The Current State of AI Generated Text Detection

Amanda House and Sherin Mary Mathews, McAfee 

Model Evaluation under Class Imbalance Shift 

Jan Brabec, Cisco & CTU 

Evading Machine Learning Antimalware Models: Lessons Learned 

Hyrum Anderson, Microsoft

Getting Passive Aggressive About False Positives 

Bobby Filar, Elastic 

Secure your place now

To reserve your place at CyberSec&AI Connected, visit the conference booking page. Those looking to buy more than once access pass can take advantage of a free ticket for every two tickets. Additionally, there is a special 50% discount for academics. 

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