This is a true story.

I was sitting at breakfast the other day with my wife. As we waited for our food to arrive, four people were sitting at a socially distanced table. They were discussing how they have to restart their computers every month because of “something Microsoft does that makes me restart.” The conversation continued:

Diner 1: “That’s why I only use a capital ‘A’ as my password on that machine.

Diner 2: “Mine is always ‘1234’”

Diner 3: “Same thing with the internet. I use the same password everywhere.”

They continued their conversation with a host of other revealing information. I was waiting for them to start reciting their credit card numbers out loud. I am not sure why they were all loudly broadcasting this at a public place. I would like to think that they were FBI agents and that they were testing me to see if I would take their bait. But I am certain that is not the case.

I started to stand up, and my wife stopped me and said “Don’t you dare go over there and educate them.”

I said “But this is ridiculous. They need to know!”

My wife said, “You’re being officious.”

Me: “No, I am not. I am not acting in any official capacity. Besides, I don’t even have my CISSP card with me.”

My Wife: “No, you knucklehead. Officious means that you are offering your services where they are neither wanted or needed.”

Me: “How is it not needed? They clearly need my advice. I bet that ‘1234’ is also the code for the keyless entry system on that guy’s car!”

My Wife continued: “How do you think they will feel if you go over there and start teaching them (Read more...)