The Age of Any Access—Zero Trust Evolution, Trends, and What’s Next

I recently had the pleasure to sit down with Pulse Secure CEO, Sudhakar Ramakrishna to discuss the current trends and key practices around achieving secure access, remote productivity, and moving to a Zero Trust model.

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Beginning back in March, organizations around the globe were faced with the unprecedented task of ramping up their resources to securely connect and navigate a continuously increasing threat landscape and evolving perimeter as work-from-home mandates ushered in a “new normal.”

With remote access undergoing a historic surge in use and application, organizations have learned that strengthening their security posture amidst this now flexible environment is critical to the future of their business continuity and requires a strategic focus on visibility, compliance, and governance across cloud and hybrid IT.

Key strategies to consider in this “Age of Any Access” include managing operational efficiencies such as defining and unifying fragmented policies to alleviate security challenges and administrative burden. Having a secure access solution that can provide a means to simplify administration while increasing productivity remains a fundamental goal at Pulse Secure.

Additionally, achieving true “portability of resources” is paramount to business continuity and remote productivity in a hyper-converged world. Today users are no longer constrained to a particular paradigm of work, such as being limited or imposed to use certain equipment that may result in adverse outcomes. Instead, offering a level of flexibility in the number of supported devices, where applications are deployed, and the speed of deployments, all contribute to a greater level of security assurance and performance.

Lastly, users who may be evaluating secure access solutions should avoid bespoke solutions—namely whether or not you have a perimeter—instead opting to establish cohesive policies across the entire software spectrum verifying and validating trust at a user device network and application level, via multiple modalities of access vs. traditional “inside or outside” network defenses.

The world is experiencing one of the most significant evolutions in access security and in this evolution the global workforce is more mobile than it’s ever been, defense perimeters see no boundaries, and people are accessing resources on their time, from any location, and from any device. The “Age of Any Access” is now and now is the time to prepare for what’s next.


Here’s more from Pulse Secure’s CEO on Zero Trust Access.

Watch the full video interview with Bob Bragdon and Sudhakar Ramakrishna.

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