Test your payment security knowledge with PCI Pal’s Summer School

Late last year we held focus group sessions, in conjunction with Engage Business Media, discussing Trust and the Contact Centre.  Attended by customer experience leaders, across a range of sectors, the sessions encouraged open discussion around data security, PCI Compliance and consumer experience.

A reoccurring question was asked – ‘How can we engage our contact centre staff when it comes to data security and PCI Compliance?’.

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Clearly a common pain point for businesses everywhere; employees were undervaluing the importance of data security and the role they play in protecting their business and safeguarding customers’ information predominantly through lack of education.

In today’s unprecedented times this question, and its answer, has become ever more relevant.  To increase knowledge of data security and highlight an individual’s role in creating the important ‘human firewall’ PCI Pal’s has created it’s ‘Summer School’.

The online modules provide contact centre professionals and those with an interest with the basics on data security and PCI Compliance.

Module One ‘The Basics’ is where participants start their learning journey.  This module provides the lowdown on PCI DSS; how it works, who it affects, and why PCI Compliance is so important in minimising the risk of a data breach.

In Module Two ‘The Repercussions’ – it’s now time to find out more about the potential consequences of bad data security practices, especially when they lead to a data breach.

‘Building the Human Firewall’ – the third and final module looks at issues surrounding internal and external threats to data security. This section focusses on what these threats look like and what can be done to ensure employees become an integral part of an organization’s ‘Human Firewall’.

Summer School certificate

Each module is followed by a few scenario-based questions on the module content, allowing ‘students’ to test their knowledge and gain a certificate plus a LinkedIn badge to add to their profile to highlight their achievement.

With data breaches on the rise, we hope the information proves valuable to businesses in engaging employees to understand their responsibilities surrounding data security and utilise staff to become the first line of defence when it comes to preventing data breaches.

Register here for the PCI Pal Summer School.

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