WeAreDelphix: Meet Mindy Parker

What do you do at Delphix and what inspired you to join the company? 

I’m an instructional design manager on the Customer Education & Experience team at Delphix. My role requires me to create content to onboard, engage, and help our customers, partners, and employees better understand and find value in our Delphix offering. Our team delivers educational resources through our online learning platform in a number of formats, including video tutorials and webinars, ebooks, training guides, and more.

Having worked at several large corporations, I wanted to work in a startup environment that would allow me to have a bigger impact and work cross functionally across the company. Not to mention, Steve Karam got my jokes.

You can ask me anything about…?

Deconstructing complicated tasks and making them easier to conceptualize.

Adults simply learn differently than children. It’s difficult for adults to grasp concepts when they don’t find them relevant or feel that there is too much information to internalize. Being able to break down concepts into smaller digestible chunks is an effective way to help adults understand and retain what they learn. 

What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on at Delphix? 

I had the opportunity to build one of our core courses called the Delphix Overview. It walks a learner through the typical process of using all the product features, from data ingestion to masking, to self-service. This gave me a greater understanding of the ins and outs of the product and the day-to-day impact we have when it comes to reducing risk, mitigating downtime, and improving productivity for our customers. 

I’m also proud to lead the Mosaic ERG, a group dedicated to supporting employees who identify as Native American/Indigenous, Hispanic, Latino/a/x, Black, African-American, West Indian or of African descent at Delphix. We regularly host the “Telling My Story” series, where everyone across the organization gets a chance to share their backgrounds, experiences, and life stories. I believe learning about each other’s differences brings us closer together, and I’m proud to be part of a community that celebrates diversity and inclusion and strives to inspire each other. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. –Maya Angelou

It simply boils down to treating people how you wish to be treated.

What’s your secret talent?

I love baking and it brings me a lot of joy. I like to try all kinds of cakes and pies, but my specialty is 7UP Pound Cake.

7up pound cake

You can find the full recipe here

What song instantly puts you in a good mood? 

Ain’t Nobody” by Chaka Kahn. I also love Prince’s “She’s Always In My Hair.” These are literally the best songs to exercise to. Oh, and “The Champion” by Carrie Underwood!

What drives you every day? 

I’m driven by the fact that my everyday work helps people to improve at their jobs. Seeing someone engage in learning and showing growth is a powerful thing. 

I also love trying new things whether it be in the kitchen, outdoor adventures, such as offroading, or even traveling to new places. Hopefully in the near future, we will be able to do many of these things again together with friends and family.

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