The Best Gets Better With the New Bitdefender

The Best Gets Better With the New Bitdefender

Evolution and innovation have been a part of Bitdefender’s DNA for more than two decades. With our new Bitdefender solutions (Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Bitdefender Internet Security, Bitdefender Total Security) we’re delivering on our promise to constantly improve on an already stellar performance in detecting online threats.

Today marks the next step in expanding our view on cybersecurity by both improving our under-the-hood protection and performance technologies and by expanding security to your entire home environment and IoT devices. With more than 80 patented security technologies and a proven record of accomplishment and awards from independent testing organizations, we’ve continually set the standard for security.

What’s new, you ask?

Designed around a security-as-a-service concept, one change brings forth a streamlined user interface that gives you a consistent experience across all devices and operating systems, making it easier, faster, and more intuitive to find the features you need most. Finding the data protection and privacy features you need has never been easier.

While some changes revolve around user experience, others involve some under-the-hood technology optimizations designed to boost performance and threat detection. For instance, we’ve made significant improvements to core technologies and machine learning algorithms to accurately identify new and unknown threats. With online threats and malware shattering the 1 billion-sample milestone, our technologies and patented machine learning algorithms can both cope with this ever-increasing number of threats, and accurately detect them before they damage your system.

As for performance, we’ve fine-tuned our technologies so that any system impact is considerably lower than ever, allowing you to focus on and enjoy what truly matters. Now you can play, work and enjoy the performance of your system while being protected by an award-winning security solution.

And since attackers will stop at nothing when it comes to exploiting vulnerabilities and misconfigurations on your system to install threats or compromise your data, we’ve made some improvements to our Vulnerability Scanner. Fixing each found vulnerability or misconfiguration leaves attackers unable to leverage any of them to compromise your system. Protecting against threats and malware is more than just accurately detecting them, but also about knowing what your potential weak spots are so you can strengthen your security posture.

And for your iOS devices, you can now surf the web without fearing malicious, phishing or fraudulent websites. With Web Protection on, you’ll be relying on a proprietary Bitdefender VPN solution built for iOS, capable of filtering out traffic that puts your data at risk, regardless of the browser or app that attempts to access dangerous or fraudulent content.

Your Privacy is Important

Since we value your security and privacy, we’ve also made improvements to our VPN solution. Now with many of us working from home, the need for a reliable and secure VPN connection has become “the new norm.”

The new and improved VPN is now 25 percent faster, and it has an internet kill-switch that suspends traffic if the connection drops accidentally. It also comes with increased media-streaming capabilities that even enable you to access previously geo-restricted media content.

While our Premium VPN solution with unlimited encrypted traffic is a standalone offering, it is also included in our consumer line products but limited to 200 MB of traffic per day for each device. This is perfect for testing out the technology and its capabilities before opting for unlimited traffic, complete anonymity, and even the ability to safely stream media content.

All that and more is now available with our new generation of security, so that you can keep both your data and your privacy safe from prying eyes. Regardless of what operating system you use, whether it’s Windows, Mac OS, Android, and even iOS, check out the new Bitdefender.

For those of you with a valid subscription, you can safely upgrade to the new version – your old license is valid for the new products as well.

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