Q&A: PerimeterX Human Challenge

User verifications like CAPTCHA are necessary solutions to keep one’s website free of bad bots. But in the verification process, it’s crucial to preserve a frictionless user experience. PerimeterX product manager Gad Bornstein joins us to discuss how PerimeterX is combating bad bots and making web apps’ user experience easier using Human Challenge. Listen to the full episode here.

So user verifications—they’ve proven time and time again to be hard for humans and easy for bots, especially lately. How does Human Challenge differ from other CAPTCHA methods and how does it work?

Gad: That’s a great question. Human Challenge offers something that most solutions don’t have, which is a holistic solution that combines the power of bot management together with the signals from user verification challenges. So we get enriched data that other solutions don’t get otherwise. It’s not just serving a challenge or a CAPTCHA on a page, and then just hoping that bots will get tired from trying to solve the CAPTCHA. It’s actually taking the signals from PerimeterX Bot Defender early in the user journey, combining them together with Human Challenge signals and getting something that is much greater in terms of detection, protection, and identification of bots versus humans. Now, because we have this holistic solution, it enables us to minimize user friction. No crossroads, no lights, nothing like that.

We wanted a no-hassle challenge like “press and hold,” and in the future, it could take the form of other challenges as well. Now, using PerimeterX Bot Defender, only 1 out of 10,000 users, 0.01%, are receiving challenges due to detection accuracy. But once the user gets a challenge, we want as little user friction as possible. And as a result, Human Challenge takes much less time to solve compared to other challenges and (Read more...)

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