Q&A: PerimeterX Spring Release, Platform and Integrations

The PerimeterX Spring Release has just rolled out, with enhancements and new features throughout the PerimeterX product portfolio. PerimeterX co-founder and CTO Ido Safruti and Cybersecurity Evangelist Deepak Patel sat down with us to discuss the latest updates and integrations. Listen to the corresponding podcast here.

Give us your vision of the Perimeter X Platform and how this release helps to realize that vision.

Ido: When we talk about our platform and its vision, there are several dimensions to it. One is that it’s a single cloud-native platform in which we offer multiple security services or digital services that complement each other. They are available to our customers where they can manage and integrate them in one place. The other aspect of the platform is more of how we fit within the ecosystem of our customers, and how we’re enhancing existing infrastructure that they are using—how we fit in with them and help them get the benefits of Perimeter X, regardless of the technology they use or where they are deployed. With the announcement of the Spring Release, we achieved critical improvements to the infrastructure of our platform. There are enhancements to all three products—PerimeterX Bot Defender, Code Defender and Page Defender, that are available for our customers.

We also announced partnerships, integrations and collaborations with meaningful cloud vendors, commerce platforms, and other security and digital platforms that are helping us make other platforms stronger. This makes it easier for our customers to consume and integrate our solutions in more ways than before.

You mentioned that the Platform has its fair share of integrations with leading infrastructure that help maximize those application security capabilities. Can you go into detail about each of these?

Ido: We integrate in multiple tiers and multiple layers to make it easy for (Read more...)

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