Majority of Cyber Attacks Go Undetected

A new report from Mandiant, the Mandiant Security Effectiveness Report 2020, has some interesting new statistics around cyber attacks and attack detection.  The study looked at multiple stages of attack life cycles within 11 global industries. The troubling conclusion of the new report is that within organizations, security controls are not performing as expected. There’s a significant perception versus reality problem, and while most companies are assuming that they are alerting, preventing and blocking attacks – but in actuality, they aren’t protected.

Here’s some of the top interesting statistics from the report:

  • Alerts are only generated for 9% of attacks
  • Only 26% of attacks are detected
  • Only 33% of attacks are prevented
  • Over half (53%) of attacks are missed

Overall these are some pretty scary statistics for attacks. These new statistics further bolster the need for application security that’s effective at detecting attacks, while at the same time have the least amount of false positives.  Good alerts buried in a sea of false alerts are worthless, and keeping false positives down to a minimum is critical.

K2’s runtime deterministic application security platform monitors the application and has a deep understanding of the application’s control flows, DNA and execution.  By validating the application’s control flows, deterministic security is based on the application itself, rather than relying on past attacks to determine a zero day attack.  Deterministic security results in the detection of sophisticated zero day attacks and also protects from application from the risks listed in the OWASP Top Ten.  Deterministic security has the added side benefit of reducing false positives to a minimum, because there’s no reliance on matching past attacks, and alerts are only triggered on validated attacks.

K2’s Next Generation Application Workload Protection Platform addresses today’s need for runtime security in an easy to use, easy to deploy solution.  K2’s unique deterministic security detects new attacks without the need to rely on past attack knowledge, is lightweight, and adds under a millisecond of latency to the running application.  To aid in quick remediation of vulnerabilities, K2 also provides detailed attack telemetry including the code module and line number being in the code being attacked, while at the same time integrating with leading firewalls to do real time attacker blocking.

Change how you develop and protect your applications.

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