Kraken CISO Nick Percoco on the crypto exchange’s “productive paranoia” and the future of protecting home networks (Video)


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Episode 3 of SOC Quarantine Diaries catches up with veteran security mind Nick Percoco, whose renowned career has seen him go from pen tester to research lab founder to CISO of two companies

As the current security chief for popular digital currency exchange Kraken, Percoco is not only confronting the unique challenges of safeguarding a crypto platform – several of which have faced devastating breaches in recent years – but also ensuring their millions of customers are protected. That responsibility is especially pronounced when cybercriminals are trying to take advantage of a weary public amid a worldwide pandemic.

In addition to discussing the risks his company and customers face, Percoco shares some thoughts on practicing cybersecurity in the COVID-19 era. While Kraken was left largely unaffected by stay-at-home orders because its employee base was already largely remote, a pervasive security culture within the company helps prepare it to adapt to new variables as they arise.

Show Notes

1:11: Starting Trustwave SpiderLabs
2:30: Why security is Percoco’s career and hobby
4:23: The benefits and challenges of Kraken’s global distribution and all-remote security team
6:19: Common threats a cryptocurrency exchange faces and general response strategy
7:15: Social engineering risks facing Kraken clients and information sharing among third-parties
9:38: The higher stakes of securing a crypto exchange versus a traditional financial institution
13:13: The secret sauce of Kraken’s security program
17:25: More on security awareness within Kraken and across clients and the “cat-and-mouse” game of keeping up
21:35: Securing home networks and how that might evolve
23:10: Buy bitcoin?

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