Future-Proofing Your AppSec With Veracode SaaS Solutions

Global events that force the world to go digital can put business needs into perspective, and fast. We???ve been impressed by how our customers are hitting the work-from-home curveball; with a little ingenuity and some help from Veracode solutions, their businesses are carrying on. In fact, ourツ?Static Analysisツ?scan numbers reached an all-time high in March, and then again in April. That tells us our customers are buckling down, concentrating on software security, and making sure they are there for their customers, too.

Organizations around the globe are continuing to put customers first, even when unexpected and sudden shifts change the way the world works. We???re proud of that same business continuity at Veracode, helping our customers start, improve, or expand AppSec programs in order to thrive in a digitally transformed world. The best part? It doesn???t have to be a complicated process that disrupts everyday business needs.

Get started swiftly and securely

Now more than ever, it???s vital that installation processes are fast and seamless. If your organization can start scanning from day one without worrying about manual patching or updating down the road, that means you can hit the ground running with peace of mind for the future. It???s simple to get started with Veracode and provision access to begin using our SaaS solutions in the cloud. You can set off securing your applications right away without halting projects or missing tight deadlines. That???s the way AppSec should be.

Our comprehensive offering is built for scale so that you don???t have to miss the opportunity to deploy the secure software your customers rely on. And with a wide range of SaaS products ??? including Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Software Composition Analysis, Security Labs, and IAST ??? there???s minimal to no installation needed across the board when you???re ready to ramp up production with Veracode.

Scale up, scale down, and save money

For businesses on top of their digital transformation, having aツ?healthy SaaS AppSec solutionツ?at their fingertips means staying innovative and shipping secure code on time. Our solutions integrate directly into your SDLC, with scalable offerings like automated testing that won???t get in the way of the work your developers are already doing.

In addition, accessing all application analysis types through one solution streamlines testing and reporting too, which means it???s easy to stay on top of goal setting and progress, while guiding development teams on which flaws to target first. Veracode conveniently combines all testing types???Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Software Composition Analysis, and Pen Testing???in one place for easy access, covering web and mobile apps as well as microservices in most major programming languages.

Secure your applications anywhere, anytime

Since these powerful solutions are cloud-based, development and security teams collaborating around the world can keep pace with competitors in the digital go-to-market race. The ability to work from anywhere is essential for many businesses, especially today. You can access Veracode???s tools and solutions without bogging down your VPN???s server, reducing the risk that comes from potential breaches and cyberattacks no matter where you are in the world. If you???re working from home as a lot of us are right now, that???s a gamechanger for efficiency.

Whether you???re looking for ways to ramp up your security or you simply want to expand your existing solutions, no matter what???s happening out there in the world, Veracode is here to help. Tune in to our webinarツ?for a deep dive into maintaining business continuity and controlling AppSec costs during turbulent times.

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