Critical security concerns facing the technology industry

Executive summary

Of the top five most valuable brands in North America in 2019, four were information technology companies. Information technology has provided a backbone of innovation that is pushing global economies forward and delivering the tools needed to support Industry 4.0.

Such a high profile brings its own challenges: cybercriminals have taken note and are targeting the industry with increasing interest. Like all organizations, the information and communications sector are experiencing increased cyber-threats. Any sector that has personal data or intellectual property is at risk of a cyber-attack. 

Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report found the info-tech sector is highly susceptible to internal (56%) and external (44%) threats, and financial motives (67%) and industrial espionage (29%) are a major driver. The industry is shown to be particularly vulnerable to DDoS attacks.

In the following pages, we will break down the top five security challenges facing the information technology sector and provide suggestions for mitigating the industry’s growing list of threats.

Challenge 1: Finding qualified people to protect assets & infrastructure 

Startups are thriving in the technology sector. Technology, especially digital products, is an area where you can still genuinely launch a company from your bedroom or garage. However, just because the founders of a startup are technical, that does not mean they understand the areas of cybersecurity that could impact their organization or how to protect their assets from attack. 

Cybersecurity is a specialized skill and there is currently a serious shortage of qualified and experienced candidates to fill security roles. The (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study, published in November 2019, found that 65% of organizations felt there was a shortfall of skilled cybersecurity staff.

In small companies, especially startups, this figure is likely to be even higher and compounded by a lack of funding to (Read more...)

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