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With an ever changing, and increasingly more perilous, threat landscape, real-time data protection has become an imperative. Malware, specifically, presents a unique hazard to SaaS data, as malicious programs rapidly change with both an increase in complexity and scope of attack surface. Traditional methods of prevention, sandboxing or signature-based detection, no longer serve as an effective means of protection. With this in mind, Bitglass, the leader in advanced threat protection,  has engaged in a best-of-breed partnership with Antivirus industry leader, CrowdStrike. 

By incorporating CrowdStrike’s Falcon File Analyzer, Bitglass is able to offer cutting edge machine learning combined with real-time protection. Traditional methods of antivirus can no longer provide complete defense. Modern malware can now obscure itself to avoid detection from legacy systems such as sandboxing or signature based detection. Furthermore, legacy systems can only recognize previously discovered and researched malware. This leaves any system dependent on only those legacy methods completely unguarded against previously unknown, or zero-day attacks. Bitglass has now incorporated CrowdStrike’s industry leading AI-based Falcon File Analyzer system in to continue it’s industry leading architecture that provides real-time protection against any malware threat. 

When coupled with the Talon engine, Bitglass is able to offer real-time malware protection that competitors simply cannot match. All traffic, whether via upload and download, is passed through the malware engine for examination. The data is scanned in transit which allows a number of customer defined actions to occur using Bitglass’ suite of data protection tools. Bitglass is able to offer this through both reverse-proxy and Agent based solutions. Furthermore, data at rest can be scanned for possible infections through a long-tail list of SaaS APIs. 

With a zero-day approach to data and threat protection for any app and any device, Bitglass and CrowdStrike are uniquely able to provide our enterprise customers the peace of mind they deserve.

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To learn more about the integration, check out the solution brief attached below.

CrowdStrike & Bitglass: Solution Brief

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