Women in Cyber Series: Day in the Life of a Sales Engineer by Christine Stevenson

As part of our series celebrating Women in Cyber, we are recognizing the achievements of women in science and technology by sharing insights from the women leaders of Verodin. In the next blog of our “Day in the Life” series, we introduce you to Christine Stevenson, who works with Verodin as a sales engineer.

I have worked in IT for several years and held a number of roles, from network operations to the help desk to digital investigations. What drew me to cybersecurity was the computer forensics space – I find this area fascinating, as you have the opportunity to investigate incidents, breaches and attacks. Eventually, I received my certification as a computer examiner in forensics and later joined U.S. Bank’s CSIRT team as their forensics lead. Years later, I joined Verodin and have been with the company for approximately two and a half years.  

I work as a pre-sales engineer, which means I work directly with the customers by showing them our platform so that they can see how we can help resolve their cybersecurity issues. I find what I do to be greatly rewarding, as I’m actually able to help someone solve a problem, and for me, that’s important.

As a woman in cybersecurity – and IT in general – I, like many of my colleagues, am aware that there is gender gap in our industry. And when you’re one of the few women working in a male dominated sector, I believe that having a mentor is important. I am fortunate to have had several mentors, both male and female, and their guidance has helped me to build up my confidence as a female professional in the cybersecurity world.

In our industry, I have seen many positive changes take place over the years as more women are starting to enter the field. I think that STEMS programs have certainly paved the way for many young females, but for us to do even better, we need to start engaging more younger females so that they know that science and technology are not just for boys and men. Personally, I’m excited to see what the future will bring and am certain that in another 10 years, our industry will see great change!

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