Transition to Modern Management


Transition to Modern Management

It’s hard to do it alone. Countries don’t attempt to go at it alone. They make alliances with other nations, teaming up with allies in order to work collectively towards common goals.

The same is the case for when you’re implementing modern desktop management.

In a world that consists of both on prem and cloud architectures, it is impossible to do it all alone. The modern desktop is an ecosphere of many moving parts and you need a way to manage and protect all of them.

Microsoft recently recognized and did something about this fact, just last year. They recognized that desktops reside in two worlds; on and off prem. Both are made up of different protocols and rely on different management systems. That is why they combined Intune and Configuration Manager into a single interface called Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Here admins can manage on-premise Server AD-joined devices alongside MDM enrolled devices.

But managing devices in tandem doesn’t mean they are being managed equally.

While you can manage all of your desktops regardless of whether they are on-premise or off-premise, your MDM solution is still going at it alone. While you can manage AD-joined machines and MDM enrolled machines cohesively, the fact is that both device groups are not uniformly managed.

  • Yes, you can manage some configuration settings including a small collection of ADMX settings with MDM, but it doesn’t come close to the 10,000 settings that the combined powers of Group Policy and Group Policy Preferences delivers to on-premise AD-joined machines.
  • Yes, you can deploy applications with MDM, but you can’t manage their settings, putting both user proficiencies and application security at risk.
  • Yes, you can manage Edge and Chrome in MDM, but you can’t map websites to their most optimized browsers nor block social media and other types of websites
  • For those who have it, ATP does provide additional security combative tools and insights, but it still doesn’t stop users from clicking potential malicious files in the first place.

While companies may be accelerating the migration of their Windows 10 devices to cloud-only management solutions, MDM cannot do it alone. Even something as simple as script deployment. Sure, Intune can deploy PowerShell scripts, but what about VB scripts and batch files. There are so many examples of how going it alone with MDM means you come up short, and in today’s race to digital transformation, you can’t afford to fall short of the finish line.

If your company is one of those, you are indeed sacrificing some level of manageability and control, it is time to stop going it alone. Create an alliance for your MDM solution with PolicyPak. Our solution suite of management applications fills in the gaping holes that continue to plague MDM. With PolicyPak’s dedicated MDM Edition, your MDM becomes a modern desktop management solution that offers a complete package and that starts with OS settings.

  • Not going it alone now having the ability to configure the full gamut GP and GPP settings. Watch this video demonstration on how you can easily import any GP configured setting into Intune without those annoying OMA-URI text boxes to fill out.
  • Not going it alone means not being dependent on ATP to find out what malicious code your users clicked on. Stop them from clicking on them from the beginning with PolicyPak SecureRunTM. Watch this video demonstration of how PolicyPak enables Workspace One (formerly AirWatch) to stop users from clicking anything app or executable they aren’t supposed to.

Modern Desktop Management involves a lot more than just configuration settings and security. It encompasses application management including multi-browser and Java environments. It means mapping file types to the expected application and not the unpredicted defaults that Windows 10 enforces. It means having full control of the Windows Start Screen including tile placement and size. IT means deploying scripts of multiple languages. It means a lot of things, because modern desktop management encompasses a lot of things, many of them outside of the realm of capabilities of MDM.

No need to “going at it alone.”

Incorporate the super admin powers of PolicyPak into your MDM solution environment.

Enhance your Microsoft Endpoint Manager, VMware Workspace ONE and Citrix CEM or MobileIron environments into the modern desktop management systems that you need today. With PolicyPak, you’re not going at it alone.

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