Top Reviews for Authentic8 Silo

Top Reviews for Authentic8 Silo

G2 recently released its Spring 2020 reports, and its users are raving about Authentic8, ranking Silo among the “Best Threat Intelligence Software in 2020.” A closer look.

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G2 is a top tech marketplace where companies can discover, review, and manage technology solutions. Their reviews reveal a lot about how organizations are deploying Silo for Safe Access (Cloud Browser) and Silo for Research (Toolbox), and why.

As a trusted review platform, G2 makes it easy for its visitors to share valuable insights about companies whose tools they use. The site contains more than one million validated reviews left for thousands of companies by verified customers.

In Authentic8’s case, G2 also makes it easier to gain first-hand takes from others who are already using our solutions. That’s because, as a company, we usually don’t reveal the identity of our customers or details about how they use Silo. That many of them choose to do so themselves on G2 honors us.

What Customers Say About Silo

We think it speaks volumes about the value that Silo is bringing to their business that our customers are taking the time to leave verified reviews.

Thanks to their public support, Silo now ranks among the top Threat Intelligence software on G2, right alongside solutions as diverse as Cisco Talos, Security Scorecard, and IBM X-Force Exchange.

Top Reviews for Authentic8 Silo

Here’s what our customers say about Silo:

  • “Silo allows for flexible remote work policies because you can work securely anywhere and not just in the office.” – Mid-market User

    Background: Silo provides 100% isolation from web code while enforcing IT policies regardless of computer or location; more information here.

  • “My security team uses Silo in testing and reviewing suspicious email links.” – Enterprise (1001-5000 employees) Executive

    Background: Silo for Research users can click any weblink and download potentially malicious files to collaboratively examine or “detonate” them at arm’s length, outside their own IT’s perimeter; more here.

  • “I use Silo to validate phishing websites and download malicious files.” – Administrator in Financial Services

    Background: Silo scans files for malware before downloading to a user’s device. Files saved to Silo’s isolated cloud storage will not be scanned. Users who are allowed to download a malicious file by policy, for example IT security professionals or online fraud investigators in a bank or payment processing company,  receive a zip archive for further investigation locally.

  • “We use Silo for Research and can avoid the restrictions that some sites usually have.” – Senior Data Analyst

    Background: Many organizations internally block access to sites and certain forms of content based on web filters (blacklists/whitelists) for their employees. Certain websites, on the other hand, only allow in visitors with a particular profile, for example from the same country.

    Silo for Research enables analysts to do their job, while still ensuring organizational oversight and regulatory compliance. Its managed attribution capabilities also allow them to construct “personas” to access online resources that they would otherwise be unable to investigate; more here.

  • “Silo is a simple, easy, and effective tool for secure investigations.” –  Financial Mid-market User

    Background: Silo for Research enables investigators to keep financial fraud investigations anonymous, secure, and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

These are just five quotes pulled from a long list of often detailed customer reviews of Silo. You can read more of them here.

A common thread that runs through the answers in the “What do you like best?” [about Silo] section on G2: reviewers appreciate Silo as a threat intelligence platform that provides multiple layers of protection.

Five Stars for Web Isolation with Silo

Their reviews and 4- and 5-star votes show the high value that security professionals and analysts put on being able to safely access websites when conducting threat intelligence research, without worries about malware infiltrating their computers or about counterintelligence by threat actors.

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised the stakes for security researchers and analysts, many of whom are now working from home. Without adequate equipment, this increases the cybersecurity risks for themselves and their organizations.

With Silo for Research, which maximizes efficiency and operational security, such worries have become a non-issue, according to reviewers on G2 As one of the reviewers points out, “I work with highly sensitive files often and need to prevent any type of malware attack, and so far, Authentic8 Silo has been amazing.”

We’d like to respond to this reviewer and all the other customers who rated us on G2: Thank you for chiming in and for your rating. With Silo now ranking among the leading Threat Intelligence tools on G2, we feel honored by your vote of confidence.

Not using Silo yet, but intrigued by the reviews from your peers? If you’d like to see how Silo can help your threat intelligence efforts, request a demo


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