The Challenges for Security Teams: The Bangladesh e-GOV CIRT

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Security teams worldwide face similar challenges – both independent teams and those that are part of medium and large organizations. Due to the cybersecurity skill gap, such teams often lack in numbers. On the other hand, their clients keep providing more work. As a result, the team is not able to manually process the task queue. This means that either the queue keeps growing or checks become less thorough.

Web application security teams can be helped by introducing automation. Most teams start by doing work manually using penetration testing tools such as Metasploit. Then, they try to progress to semi-automated open-source solutions like OWASP ZAP. But they find out that it’s not nearly enough and true automation is necessary. What they do not realize is that there are many more benefits that come with such automation.

Bangladesh e-GOV CIRTThis was the journey for the Bangladesh E-Government Computer Incident Response Team. Even with 35 people, and even using OWASP ZAP, they were unable to process all incoming requests fast enough. So, they gave Acunetix a try. As a result, they are now able to process many more requests at the same time. As a bonus, they receive praise from their clients for helpful reports with remediation information, which are generated directly from Acunetix.


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