Supporting Cybersecurity Programs throughout the Covid-19 Crisis

Companies of all shapes and sizes are under siege from a cybersecurity perspective as we navigate the waters of the Covid-19 crisis. As enterprises adjust to a work-from-home population that grew from 20% to greater than 80% of employees almost overnight, CISOs must navigate a radical change in the shape of their corporate networks, and ensure protection from a whole new set of potential attacks. In fact, according to recent research by CheckPoint that surveyed over 500 organizations, hackers are already exploiting the opportunity to attack unprepared businesses with more than 2,600 detected threats a day. The volume of attacks has risen dramatically, in some cases over 800%, since the epidemic has started and is expected to continue.

According to the same Checkpoint research, phishing attacks were the leading Coronavirus-based threat, followed by malicious websites which claim to give advice or whacky remedies for COVID-19, and increases in malware and ransomware attacks. 

We are getting more and more feedback from security teams that are heads-down working on securing their networks as more traffic moves from the corporate HQ to the edge and doing our best to help wherever we can.

MixMode Platform Free for 90 Days

In order to support cybersecurity teams during this time, MixMode has pledged to support organizations transitioning to a Work from Home (WFH) approach by providing all affected companies with MixMode’s platform for free for 90 days. This will include free onboarding, free training, and a free license for 90 days of network traffic analytics.

To date, as an example, MixMode has partnered with security service providers and health care providers to improve security for thousands of employees affected by this crisis.

With such a quick shift to “work from home,” it’s vitally important that any solution adopted by enterprises in this time can deliver value extremely quickly. MixMode’s patented AI is the only cybersecurity solution that starts building a baseline of network traffic within minutes and completes its training/learning period within 7 days to reduce false positives by 95% and provide insights on zero-day threats and other attacks. This makes MixMode uniquely positioned to help businesses now, where other AI-powered providers take, on average, 6-18 months to provide this type of value.

Head to the following link to signup or email us at [email protected] and we will schedule a time for you to sign up. 

For any organization that chooses to continue their subscription beyond three months, MixMode will donate 5% of the annual subscription to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO on their behalf.

Please reach out if you have any questions. We wish everyone a safe and productive next few months. We can do this thing, together.

Program Guidelines:

  • MixMode’s AI-driven NTA free for 90-days
  • Offer available for 90 days from the program origination date
  • Offer available until June 1, 2020
  • No requirement to commit to a long-term partnership
  • Limitations on usage may apply

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