Sharing Security Career Tips During a Global Pandemic

How has the coronavirus global pandemic affected your personal and professional life?

My family was supposed to be in Sydney, Australia, for my niece’s wedding, which was originally scheduled for April 4. We started planning for that two-week “trip of a lifetime” last summer, which included scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef. Sadly, like plans for so many others, the pandemic changed all of that.

(Side note: Yes – the wedding did go on. The wise couple actually accelerated their happy day. They were married in their church just before the lockdown was declared in the land down under.)  

So we are spending Spring Break at home in Michigan this year – with plenty of social distancing and video conferencing with family near and far, while church and work events and meetings have all moved online. No doubt, my kids are already stir crazy, but we feel blessed that everyone remains healthy (so far).

Professional Presentations Move Online

As part of that Australia trip, I was invited to speak at a ‘Cyber Risk Meetup’ in Sydney on April 7 to a group of security professionals, including many CIOs, CISOs and other CxOs. The title of the planned keynote session was: “How I almost got fired as a CISO – the good, bad and ugly, stories from the frontline.” This was the original website announcement:

The founder and leader of events is Ms. Shamane Tan, who I interviewed for “Lohrmann on Cybersecurity” last year after she published her excellent first book, Cyber Risk Leaders: Global C-Suite Insights. 

When the April event was canceled due to the global pandemic, the organizers asked if we could move the presentation online, like so many of the recent conferences around the world. After some back and forth (Read more...)

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