OSINT Insiders: “Intelligence Sharing” (Episode 2)

OSINT Insiders: “Intelligence Sharing” (Episode 2)
OSINT Insiders: “Intelligence Sharing” (Episode 2)

Authentic8 is proud to announce the second episode of our OSINT Insiders webcast, topic: OSINT and sensitive intelligence sharing.

What role does OSINT play in intelligence sharing? Our team will discuss:

  • Integrating intelligence with partner forces,
  • Parallel construction,
  • Public/private partnerships,
  • Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs)

Featured Guest Speaker: Chris Poulter, OSINT Combine

This episode will feature a guest speaker from Australia, Chris Poulter. Chris is the CEO of OSINT Combine and has extensive knowledge of the subject matter, derived from boots-on-the-ground experience all the way up to strategic intelligence at the highest levels.


to join us live for Episode 2 on

Friday, April 24 at 8am PT | 11am ET

OSINT Insiders is a rapid-fire, short, live, 20-minute discussion of topics related to Open Source Intelligence. Depending on the week, we’ll be chatting about OSINT findings, tools of the trade, or interviewing top leaders in OSINT space.

The webcast is hosted by our Special Services Team – each with a unique intelligence background the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement and the Defense tech space.

Viewers of this webcast will gain valuable insight into the OSINT world that will help them with their daily missions.

For more information or to suggest guest and topics for future episodes, please contact [email protected].

We hope to see you live on YouTube!

P.S.: Did you miss Episode 1 of OSINT Insiders? You can watch it here.

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