From Verodin to Mandiant: Bringing Security Validation to an Expertise-Backed Portfolio by Tracey Moon

Today we are announcing that Verodin, a trusted name in security instrumentation since 2014, is creating tighter integration with the Threat Intelligence and Mandiant Expertise teams at FireEye through the formulation of Mandiant Solutions.

Since 2004, Mandiant has been a recognized leader in cybersecurity expertise and has earned the trust of security professionals and decision makers across the world. By bundling that expertise with the company’s renowned frontline experience, nation-state grade threat intelligence, and Verodin’s continuous security validation we can deliver a powerful portfolio of products and services as one team under Mandiant Solutions.

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The goal of Mandiant Solutions is to augment and automate every security team in the world with expertise and intelligence, regardless of the SIEM/control products they have deployed. The Mandiant Solutions portfolio will unify the company’s intelligence and expertise-backed solutions into one group of products and services that include:


  • Mandiant Threat Intelligence
  • Mandiant Security Validation (formerly Verodin)

Expertise-backed services:

  • Mandiant Consulting
  • Mandiant Managed Defense
  • Mandiant Expertise on Demand

For five years, Verodin has been on a remarkable journey to bring enterprise-scale security effectiveness monitoring and measurement to companies across industries in an effort to help them maximize performance and value of their security investments. Since the acquisition of Verodin by FireEye last year, the combined companies have actively integrated FireEye’s market-leading threat intelligence with Verodin’s industry-leading security validation platform — the Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform — which, from today on, will be branded Mandiant Security Validation. This represents a significant benefit to our customers who can test and validate their organization’s readiness against the very latest techniques employed by today’s threat actors.

We are very excited to become an official part of the Mandiant Solutions family! Stay tuned to this blog for continued updates and information as we continue our journey to strengthen and validate security performance in companies around the globe.

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