Federal DevSecOps Leaders: It’s Time to Join The Conversation

Over the past three years, we’ve held the Federal DevSecOps Leadership Forum in Washington, D.C., where government decision-makers come together and share their DevSecOps journeys on stage with government leaders across the community. 

This year’s speakers were confirmed and the event was scheduled for May 6th. That is, until the world as we know it, changed. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), COVID-19, is making its way across the United States, into our cities, now into our communities. It is no longer safe to bring our leaders together in the same room. 

In the wake of social distancing, it is, oddly enough, a time to come together, creatively. Society is using technology to do this. This year we are excited to do our part and bring together hundreds of federal DevSecOp leaders and future DevSecOp leaders, virtually.

The Benefits of Joining Other Government Leaders Virtually: 

  1. Our online forum now allows public sector leaders across the country to participate. Our in-person event is a tremendous networking opportunity, but many leaders outside the D.C. area may not be able to attend due to travel restraints. Now you can join from anywhere in the country.
  2. Interact with DevSecOps leaders from top federal agencies through live Q&A. Many attendees are more comfortable asking a question in a webinar room versus in-person. Now you can take advantage of the chat box. Engaging Q&A will be part of every online session.
  3. Benefit from full access to all the resources and presentations shared at the event.This is a plus that can’t be overlooked. All attendees will receive additional reference material helpful for future decision-making.
  4. Engage your government peers. Many agencies will share specific DevSecOps lessons learned. Attendees will have the opportunity for polling, allowing you to share and receive (Read more...)

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