COVID-19: New Daily Intel Download and Webinar Next Week

In the past month, we have identified and documented the methods in which threat actors have exploited the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). As fear and uncertainty around the global pandemic continue to grow, threat actors are working in tandem to develop relevant malicious lures and cyber threats.

In our continued effort to provide the most relevant cyber threat intelligence, today we are launching two new initiatives: A daily intelligence download and a web event set for next Thursday.

Daily Intelligence Download

Each morning our team will gather the latest lures, URLs, domains, and other relevant data points associated with threat actors abusing COVID-19 and package them in a zipped download. This intelligence is designed to help organizations quickly update their defensive tools to better combat these rapidly changing cyber threats. In addition to the daily download, our intelligence portal will include screenshots of the latest lures and domains connected to these attacks.

To access the latest intelligence, fill out the form on this page. Check back each morning for the latest intel download.

Web Event: COVID-19 Cyber Threat Intelligence

How Threat Actors are Abusing the Global Pandemic

On Thursday, April 16, at 2 PM ET, we are gathering a panel of experts to discuss the channels coronavirus has used to spoof, redirect, and trick end users into giving up their credentials.

During the web event, we will share the COVID-19 lures that our analysts found most compelling, the intelligence associated with them, and what trends we expect to see in the future. At the end of the presentation, we will have a panel discussion where our experts share new intel and how to stay ahead of attacks, as well as an open Q&A.

Register for the web event here.

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