What’s Next in Cyber Threat Intelligence?

In episode 3 of our cyber threat intelligence video series, we discuss (in under 9 minutes) the future of investigation platforms, data collection technology, natural language processing, and machine learning – as well as training and possible regulatory demands on the practitioners who’re handling sensitive data.


Authentic8’s Nick Espinoza sat down with SANS instructor Jake Williams, a U.S. Army veteran and head of Rendition InfoSec. Their chat about The Next Evolution of Cyber Threat Intelligence follows prior discussions of   methods, OSINT tools, and techniques of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI).

In their conversation, Nick and Jake extrapolate from practical aspects of present OSINT collection and cyber threat intelligence production, which are covered the 2020 Cyber Threat Intelligence Survey.

A few of the questions touched upon by Nick and Jake in this video:

  • Is “machine learning” just another word for “black magic”?
  • Should CTI analysts be formally certified?
  • What’s the likelihood that regulations for CTI practitioners handling sensitive will be introduced?

What kind of CTI practitioner are you? “[I]t’s really easy for somebody to say, ‘I am an OSINT analyst,'” says Jake. “I don’t know what that means. Like when somebody says ‘I have a car.’ Whether it’s a used Pinto or new Maserati –  there is a world of differences between those two.”

Authentic8’s in-depth survey shines a light on these differences and on what top-performing CTI teams have in common. Its findings will be presented at a webinar on March 19th – there’s still time for you to register here.

Get the Facts: Cyber Threat Intelligence Survey

Expert panelists include Jake Williams (SANS Instructor, Course Author, and President and Co-Founder of Renditions Infosec); Jhilam Biswas (Google Cloud, Customer Engineer); Marty Jorgensen (Sr. MTS Security Architecture, PayPal); Authentic8’s Sean Heritage, Former Principal Advisor to the Director of the National Security Agency, and Naval Cryptologic Warfare Office; and Holger Schulze (Webinar Host and CEO of Surveyors).

The research covers cyber threat intelligence collection across the open, deep, and dark web. We designed the webinar to share its results and provide analysts and practitioners with best practices, guidelines, and tips around platforms and tools for secure and efficient online intelligence production and management.

Our short video about The Next Evolution of Cyber Threat Intelligence can only scratch the surface. Mark your calendar and register here for our 1-hour webinar on March 19th, when a panel of four industry experts will discuss the CTI 2020 survey findings and how CTI professionals can leverage them.

Every attendee will receive a copy of the Cybersecurity Insider report: Cyber Threat Intelligence Survey 2020.

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