Villainy Of The Most Atrocious Sort

via Raphael Satter, Jack Stubbs and Christopher Bing, writing at Reuters comes this well-crafted reportage, detailing a new malicous attack on the World Health Organization and mounted by currently-surveilled foul-villains-of-the-cyber-kind. Most Assuredly Today’s Must Read.

‘The attempted break-in at the WHO was first flagged to Reuters by Alexander Urbelis, a cybersecurity expert and attorney with the New York-based Blackstone Law Group, which tracks suspicious internet domain registration activity. Urbelis said he picked up on the activity around March 13, when a group of hackers he’d been following activated a malicious site mimicking the WHO’s internal email system.’ – via Raphael Satter, Jack Stubbs and Christopher Bing, in a report for *Reuters

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