Sheltered-in-Place With Old Bessie

You know the one. That old desktop or laptop that you never got around to throwing out at the last e-waste event? It looks like you might be needing it for the foreseeable work-from-home and distant-learning future.


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The good news: There is a device. The bad news: It’s likely unpatched, runs outdated software, and doesn’t support modern web standards required for e-learning or work-from-home corporate apps.

What’s worse, it may already be infested with malware and other malicious bits of internet flotsam and jetsam it’s collected throughout the years.

MacGyver, Meet Old Bessie

What to do? Forget about rushing to the local computer hardware store to try and get upgrades – it’s not compatible with the COVID-19 shelter-in-place mandate, and that shop is likely closed anyway.

New life for old laptop with Silo for Safe Access (Authentic8 Blog)

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So now you have a new weekend project. Software needs to be patched and upgraded. Some devices – yours may be one of them – have reached maximum upgrade level through their long and tenured service. They cannot be improved.

Or you’ll need parts or software that aren’t readily available anymore, or only for a premium. Is there any other way to extract some new levels of performance and stay safe online with that old desktop or notebook?

How About a Browser-as-a-Service?

You’ll be surprised about the rejuvenating boost Authentic8’s Silo for Safe Access can give an outworn and outdated machine.

Silo can turn old Bessie into a Red Bull racing machine in a matter of minutes. Well, almost.

Cloud browsing with Silo doesn’t require much in terms of bandwidth or desktop compute capacity. That’s because it takes place in the cloud, with updates maintained for you.

Web isolation with Silo enables you to securely access the internet without any exposure to its risks, because Silo doesn’t allow any web-borne code to execute or enter your network or devices.

That means it also effectively blocks malicious code, such as ransomware, on your device from spreading through your home network and from landing on corporate or e-learning destination sites.

The old clunker was supposed to make home-schooling more fun for your kids? Silo can also be configured with parental controls to keep children safe online during their e-learning time – you’ll be watching everything they do online, right?

How to Become a Work-from-Home Hero

Last but not least, Silo for Safe Access can be configured with your state-of-the-art corporate IT SaaS applications. You’ll look like a work-from-home hero to your IT department.

Go check out Silo for Safe Access, our browser-as-a-service, for yourself. Find out how it can make your life easier and safer during these difficult times –


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