RangeForce Offers Special Browser-Based, Hands-on Simulated Cybersecurity Learning as a Service to Any College

Special pricing delivers immediate, affordable and high-quality cybersecurity training to students pivoting to an online learning model

MANASSAS, VIRGINIA, March 25, 2020 — For the price of a college textbook, any North American college or university can provide current full and part-time students immediate access to RangeForce’s state-of-the-art cloud-based cyber skillsyberskills training and simulation platform, the company announced today. Used by global enterprises to train and hone the skills of their cyber pros, RangeForce’s platform is being made available to professors and students for just $150 per seat.

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The offer is designed to meet the immediate needs of schools striving to deliver compelling online programs to students learning from home. It features over 120 online cybersecurity training modules and provides professors with access to all the training materials needed to create beginner through advanced lesson plans. It sets up in less than 24 hours and includes integrated assessment reports so professors can administer hands-on exams and help students identify areas of improvement.

RangeForce is used to assess and level up the skills of enterprise security and IT teams at global financial, manufacturing, healthcare, and government organizations. Role-based training modules include tracks on security operations such as: defending against DDOS, Botnets, SQLi attacks, using Nikto, Suricata, Nmap, and understanding Privilege Escalation, Regex, and SMTPD. Web Application Security Tracks cover cookie security, XSS, PHP exploitation and NodeJS Exploits. SecDevOps tracks include Apache, Docker, Nginx, and Linux CLI tutorials.

Each module contains a “hands-on” component to enhance learning and retention of the subject matter. For example, in the “Command Injection” training module, participants must use Linux commands through a command-line interface, interact with real webpages, and take specific and calculated actions to contain the attack to pass the module. Cyber skills are honed during increasingly difficult tutorials.

“As institutions rush to shift their cybersecurity programs online we know that instructors are scrambling to record lessons and create meaningful exercises,” said RangeForce President and CRO Gordon Lawson. “RangeForce enterprise and government customers have already battle-tested our on-demand, hands-on learning platform. They can attest to the depth of content in our modules and the breadth of security tools students can learn to work with right in our cloud-hosted platform. Because training the next generation of cyber professionals is so important, we wanted to make this solution affordable for any college to meet their online learning challenges immediately and in the upcoming summer and fall semesters.”

The special $150 offer is available for any current or part-time student immediately, and credit card purchases are accepted.

For more information or to see a demo of how the platform works register here.

About RangeForce

RangeForce delivers the industry’s only integrated cybersecurity simulation and skills analysis platform that combines a virtual cyber range with hands-on advanced cybersecurity training. Cyber and IT professionals from all industry verticals use RangeForce to qualify their new-hires, train up DevOps, IT, and Security Staff, and run CyberSiege simulations to evaluate team skills. Only RangeForce can accurately show users where expertise gaps exist, fill those gaps with highly-effective simulation-based training, and accurately report on the entire process. To learn more about RangeForce, visit www.rangeforce.com.