Imperva Wants to Hear From YOU!

Imperva is pleased to announce UserVoice, a new product feedback system that allows YOU to shape the future of Imperva product lines. UserVoice empowers Imperva users to share feedback and ideas in one comprehensive, crowd-sourced place where they can also see and react to the ideas others submit. With UserVoice, you can:

  • Submit your ideas on what we should do next
  • See and vote on ideas other users have posted
  • Stay updated on our latest features and product roadmap

Imperva is a customer-obsessed company. We’re hungry for feedback and we love hearing from you. UserVoice enables us to do just that. So, what have we learned from UserVoice so far?

Cloud Native Now

At a meeting a few months ago, a customer brought up a scenario he wished to address using Imperva’s cloud WAF custom rule. The customer was looking for a schedule trigger to use in his custom policy. He wanted to be able to shift backend traffic from his default server/DC to backup DC during a specific time range every weekend. Our product team submitted the request to UserVoice to see what other people thought about it. Many voted for it. UserVoice also exposed similar requests for a scheduling feature from additional users. It became clear that the feature is attractive and can help many of our customers. So our product managers got to work on it.

The new, custom rule filter is called Scheduler. It enables users to configure fixed times and days for a custom rule to be active. For example, you can use it to redirect requests to a backup site every Sunday to avoid downtime during scheduled maintenance.

Last week, I had the chance to connect again with the same customer who submitted the original request for the schedule feature. He was delighted. But more importantly, many other customers were given the opportunity to provide their feedback on the idea and influence its development.

This is just one example. We can’t wait to hear more of your ideas. UserVoice is now fully deployed and we want to hear from you! Access it here or in your customer portal.

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