Experts Honor Hysolate with Top Awards in Privileged Access Protection and Cybersecurity Innovation


Cyberattackers overwhelmingly target privileged users so they can get access to privileged accounts which provide access to the company crown jewels. And all too often, they’re successful – when Hysolate isn’t deployed on those users’ devices. Our platform makes it virtually impossible for hackers to reach sensitive resources. 

Our customers know this all too well. And now, we’re happy to say, the cybersecurity industry’s top awards have recognized it, too!  

Hysolate was just named the Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company and won Best in Privileged Access Workstations by Cybersecurity Excellence. And the very same week, Cyber Defense Magazine honored us with the InfoSec award for Best Privileged Access Protection

It’s all very exciting for us, and for our customers, too. Until the Hysolate Platform was introduced, the key ways cybersecurity pros approached privileged access resulted in high IT labor and CapEx costs, lost productivity, and significant end-user frustration. 

Here’s why: Without Hysolate, even if networks are segmented and privileged credentials are protected with Privileged Access Management (PAM), attackers who compromise privileged user workstations can immediately interact in the name of the user to access sensitive assets, leak data, or do harm. To combat this, many companies give each privileged user two separate physical devices: one for day-to-day corporate work and Internet access, and another — often called a Privileged Access Workstation (PAW)— that is fully locked down and dedicated solely to sensitive tasks and information. 

This kind of physical air gap strategy is not sustainable. Each privileged user loses about five hours of productivity per week due to all the shifting back-and-forth between workstations. When they travel, they have to lug around two devices. The IT team has to manage twice the inventory, and then there’s the cost of maintaining all those extra physical devices.

The Hysolate Platform enables a radically different and much more effective approach to protecting privileged resources. For the first time, it enables each user to have multiple, fully isolated environments on a single physical device via a virtual air gap.

Hysolate is the only solution that seamlessly splits a single device into completely separate, local virtual machines (VMs), each with its own isolated operating system (OS). It does this in a way that is seamless to the end-user. Everything the user interacts with runs in the appropriate VM. If users intentionally or mistakenly try to do something in the wrong VM, they’re automatically redirected to the right one. 

Cyberattackers cannot access privileged accounts or even see that they exist. And privileged users don’t have to lug multiple devices and waste time swiveling between machines. Can’t get better than that!

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