3 Perspectives on Physical Air Gaps

A popular endpoint security strategy for users who have access to important data is to implement a physical air gap, also known as “Privileged Access Workstations” (PAW) or “Secure Access Workstations” (SAW). With PAWs, each end user has a separate laptop or desktop that is dedicated solely to sensitive tasks ... Read More

Strong Authentication for Endpoint Security: 3 Perspectives

Authentication solutions have been around for years. I actually started my cyber career working on one of the original and best two-factor (2FA) products – SecurID. Over the decades, the tech we use, the way we communicate and connect, and the threats we face have changed dramatically. So has authentication ... Read More

EPP: 3 Perspectives on Endpoint Security Strategies

When considering endpoint security strategies, it’s incredibly common to have an endpoint protection platform (EPP) in place. Let’s face it – Anti-virus (AV) is the OG endpoint security solution. Over the years, these tools have evolved into next generation antivirus (NGAV) and endpoint detection and response (EDR). What that really ... Read More