Rethink Your Cyber Security Stack to Avoid Agent Fatigue

No sane person would say cyber security is under control. We’ve all read about way too many data breaches that expose sensitive corporate and personal information, putting hundreds of thousands or millions of people at risk, costing companies enormous sums of money, and damaging corporate reputations. In an attempt to ... Read More

Experts Honor Hysolate with Top Awards in Privileged Access Protection and Cybersecurity Innovation

Cyberattackers overwhelmingly target privileged users so they can get access to privileged accounts which provide access to the company crown jewels. And all too often, they’re successful – when Hysolate isn’t deployed on those users’ devices. Our platform makes it virtually impossible for hackers to reach sensitive resources. Our customers ... Read More

Defending Against The Most Common Cyber Attack Vectors

When I was a kid, Red Rover was one of the popular playground games. Two teams lined up across from each other, each linking arms. One side yelled, “Red rover, red rover, we call [player’s name] over,” at which point the named girl or boy runs over and tries to ... Read More

Privileged Access Workstation vs Jump Server

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How does a privileged access workstation (PAW) compare to a jump server? Each provides a way for administrators to safely access secure, privileged network segments. However, how they fit into an organization and the most suitable use case for each differ. This post will examine pros and cons to both ... Read More

Enforcing PCI DSS Compliance Requirements & OS Isolation

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The Role of the Dedicated OS in Enforcing PCI DSS Privileged Access Requirements If your business handles credit cards, you know that malicious actors are gunning for the cardholder data your systems process. Perhaps no other digital asset is as frequently and intensely attacked as the data infrastructure that handles ... Read More

Pass-the-Hash Attack Mitigation: The Complete Guide

The notorious “Pass-the-Hash” (PtH) attack is very much with us these days. If anything, it’s getting worse, as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) often use the technique to move laterally across networks in stealth mode. Virtual Machine (VM) isolation, as provided by Hysolate, offers an effective countermeasure. What is a “Pass-the-Hash” ... Read More

Sandboxing in Cyber Security: How Does It Fit In Your Stack?

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to protecting corporate information from malware. A typical security stack includes everything from antivirus, firewalls, and data loss prevention (DLP), to network security and endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools. However, as we know all too well, while these tools provide some ... Read More

New Insights into Privileged Access Management (PAM) Best Practices

The increasingly sophisticated and persistent nature of cyber threats underscores the importance of protecting your privileged accounts, along with their respective privileged users and privileged credentials. Privileged accounts, by their very nature, tend to be the sort of digital “crown jewels” that are much sought-after by hackers. Best practices for ... Read More
privileged access workstation security survey infographic

Privileged Access Workstation Adoption: Infographic & Survey Data

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This Privileged Access Workstation (PAW) Survey conducted by Cybersecurity Insiders revealed a lot about how organizations are approaching privileged access security. First – there seems to be a resounding agreement that Windows systems & IT admins need to use separate operating systems for sensitive and corporate activities. Nearly all respondents ... Read More

The Top 5 VDI Benefits (Hint: Security Isn’t One of Them)

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure has been making waves since it hit the market way back in 2006. That’s when VMware coined the term VDI. The idea was to run a desktop operating system in a virtual machine located in a remote data center. End-users would connect to desktop images via thin ... Read More