Dark Reading Interview with DivvyCloud CEO

Dark Reading Contributing Editor Terry Sweeney recently interviewed DivvyCloud CEO and co-founder Brian Johnson. They discuss Brian’s cloud security philosophy and how we are solving challenges for our customers. 

Brian offers insight into how security teams continue to evolve within the broad context of business transformations. As we know, organizations have more and more resources in the cloud, along with more employees touching the cloud and deploying changes to the cloud. What appears on the surface to be a cloud security challenge is a business transformation challenge. Brian gives thoughtful advice on how organizations can address these challenges, even within the often unclear model of shared responsibility. 

He also discusses the evolution of security teams within the narrower context of how they work with development teams. Security teams no longer attempt to command and control development. Rather, they have come to rely upon a less burdensome trust but verify model. But going forward, as Brian points out, the ability of an enterprise to innovate is dependent on a relationship of mutual trust between the security and development teams. Security must trust development to innovate, and development must trust that security is not trying to impede them. In fact, the teams have the same goal—to innovate securely in the cloud. But it’s often difficult to align these teams during the course of standard business operations. 

That’s where DivvyCloud comes in. How does DivvyCloud fit into this complex, evolving relationship? And how does DivvyCloud’s automation improve communications between the two teams? What is the next big challenge facing cloud security professionals? Find out by watching the full interview.

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