Cyber Work podcast: Email attack trend predictions for 2020


In this episode of Infosec’s Cyber Work podcast series, host Chris Sienko chats with Evan Reiser, CEO of Abnormal Security. They discuss where email attacks are headed in 2020, as well as how machine learning and AI can help detect email attacks such as business email compromise. 

Evan uses machine learning and AI to prevent email-based attacks, such as business email compromise and social engineering, and as you will see, the human mental game is still the strongest game in town. Before this, Evan led teams for Twitter’s advertising business and was working with startups for ten years before co-founding Abnormal Security.

How did you first get involved with computers and security?

Like many growing up in the late nineties, Evan’s passion was driven by his love for video games. He began by building computers for better gaming capabilities and decided on majoring in computer engineering in college. He got into computer science and building software and ended up working a job in web development after college. He worked on Wall Street for 18 months before quitting and going to work for startups in product development. 

Evan got into email security by sitting down with CIOs and asking them what product they would ideally buy in the next six months. The number one answer he kept getting was a solution to better handle email attacks such as social engineering, executive impersonation and account take over. It was at this point that Evan realized his background in machine learning placed him in a great position to address this business need.

What were the steps along the way that brought you to email security?

Evan’s early career was focused on working with consumer startups that had quick product development turnaround. He then moved into enterprise software, selling multiple products (Read more...)

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