7 talks I’m planning for once the pandemic is over

I’ve been thinking a lot lately because I’ve had time on my hands. Once the pandemic is over, and the conferences start up again, people will be submitting a whole bunch of talks around their cabin-feverish experiences. So I’m listing my talks out now so that nobody else steals the idea, and to let conferences know that this is the kind of thought-leadery keynotes they could be getting if they play their cards right.

For those not wanting to watch the video, the talks are:

  1. Toilet paper risk models
    What happens when your asset classification changes
  2. Isolation 2.0
    How to be productive and secure while working remotely
  3. Global pandemics for fun and profit
    How security can help your company be a winner in the next outbreak
  4. Dude, where’s my supply chain?
    A tale of what happens when all your Chinese suppliers shut down
  5. Securing the conference call
    14 tips on how to ensure your video or audio conference is secure. Number 9 will shock you
  6. Ethics during crisis
    Why it’s important for security professionals to challenge companies that put profits ahead of lives
  7. Equality achieved
    At least pandemics don’t discriminate

What talks would you give once the storm passes?

*I feel like I should clarify this is parody, I have no intention of giving these talks, and I don’t want you to either!

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