RSA Conference 2020: The Human Element is Alive and Well

Greetings from San Francisco, ground zero for RSA Conference, the annual security confab that is a must-attend for those in the cybersecurity sector. As usual, Security Boulevard and its parent company MediaOps are here in full force, including an interview booth in Broadcast Alley where we’ll be conducting and live-streaming interviews throughout the week.

This year’s RSA Conference theme is Human Element, which I believe is highly appropriate considering humans are ultimately those most impacted by security breaches. And we spend so much time talking about automation in security (and other areas of IT) that it’s easy to forget about the critical role humans play in security, whether it’s their own or the security of their organization’s networks and data. It’s a theme that is certainly open to interpretation, so I’m interested to see how it’s perceived by those in attendance—both attendees and vendors—as the week progresses.

Meanwhile, we’ve got a jam-packed schedule of interviews happening Tuesday through Thursday that will be live-streamed on all the MediaOps properties, including Security Boulevard, and Container Journal, not to mention the Digital Anarchist next-gen media platform, where the interviews from past events also are available. As with those, the interviews conducted this week will be available on-demand on Digital Anarchist, so fear not if you miss any.

We’ll also be pulling together post-event a wrap of some of the more compelling conversations we had during the week, so definitely stay tuned for that. Considering the number of interviews we have lined up and the caliber of folk we’ll be speaking with, deciding which ones to highlight will be a tough decision, I’m sure.

As always, I’m looking forward to the many conversations to be had at this year’s event, both on- and off-camera. If you see me, please say hello. After all, we humans have to stick together.

Charlene O’Hanlon

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Charlene O’Hanlon

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