Partners power FireMon growth while guiding customers through security complexity

As a company fully focused on the channel to grow our customer base, FireMon’s partners, integrators, and distributors are an essential part of the security ecosystem  they help enterprises navigate the complexity of picking the right security solutions.  

Our “Ignite Partner of the Year” awards recognize top-performing channels partners who succeeded greatly at increasing channel sales and delivering a world-class customer experience. Having recently joined FireMon as vice president of global channel salesit was a privilege for me to acknowledge our 2019 Ignite Partner of the Year Award winners during a private reception hosted during the RSA Conference at the Press Club San Francisco.  

This year’s winners include:  

  • 2019 Growth Partner of the Year – SHI 
  • 2019 Americas Partner of the Year – Presidio 
  • 2019 EMEA Partner of the Year – IBM Switzerland  
  • 2019 APAC Partner of the Year – AmonSoft Co., Ltd  
  • 2019 Americas Distributor of the Year – SYNNEX 
  • 2019 International Distributor of the Year – Starlink  

 FireMon’s partners have helped grow 40 percent year over, and they enable us to have a global reach to help customers around the world significantly improve their network and cloud security operations and compete within a growing digital marketplace.  

Tackling complexity through the channel 

As enterprise technology and networks continue to evolve at a rapid pace, and securing them becomes increasingly complex, many organizations turn to resellers and solution providers to help them sort through all the various solutions available.  

FireMon partners, integrators, and distributors all sell firewall infrastructures to their customers, who have grown their network infrastructure over time and increasingly moved workloads to the cloud. Demand and need for visibility into these hybrid environments have never been more important. Threats to data show no sign of waning and compliance pressures increase through new privacy legislation. 

Customers looking to get a handle on growing complexity with limited budgets and resources can benefit from FireMon’s automation capabilities. Our partners play a key role in showing them how they can be integrated effectively with a wide range of popular enterprise solutions that will improve their security posture. And because our partners have been selling network security infrastructure to their customers for many years, they’re in an excellent position have conversations that are more than just sales transaction; they also provide valued technical guidance. 

FireMon partners serve as trusted advisors who vet a great deal of technology, so their customers don’t have to, and pull our products and solutions into broader offering that can be quickly and successfully implemented.  

Positioning partners for success 

Because FireMon remains a 100 percent channel-focused organization that is dedicated to delivering high-performing network security solutions to current and future customers, our partners never have to worry about competing with us for business. Our focus is continuing to be an essential ecosystem player with extensive technical integrations with other security products our customers are deploying while helping them embrace automation and integration of these various tools.  

Given the lack of resources and decreasing budgets organizations are reporting in our annual State of Hybrid Cloud Security survey, and the shortage of skilled cybersecurity workers, it’s more important than ever to reduce the number of manual processes that lead to misconfiguration and redeploy people more effectively. FireMon’s partners help solve these challenges for our customers as they grapple with the rapid growth and complexity of hybrid cloud environments. 

This year, FireMon is excited to build even deeper relationships with our partners and invest in the channel with more tools, people and resourcesincluding self-service on-demand tools and online eLearning and certification curriculums, so they can turn opportunity into profitability. This commitment to partners, integrators, and distributors will further increase joint value, meet the growing needs of current and future FireMon customers, and help enterprises globally leverage automated security tools to improve their cloud and hybrid infrastructure visibility. 



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