Discover how to strengthen supply chain trust with TCG at RSA Conference 2020

Trusted Computing Group (TCG) has been invited to speak at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, CA from Feb 24 – 28.

The speaker session, ‘Demonstration of tools for Supply Chain Risk Management’, will take place on February 27, at 8am and explore how industry standards can be utilized to meet Supply Chain Risk Management requirements.

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Sharing the latest security challenges and solutions facing Supply Chain Risk Management, TCG members Monty Wiseman, Principle Engineer at General Electric, and Computer Systems Researcher, Lawrence Reiner of the National Security Agency will be sharing their expertise into how firmware standardization measurement can strengthen supply chain trust.

The session will explore the requirements that help to determine platform boot firmware trust by measuring the firmware properties and sending these results to verifiers. Verifiers then compare these measurements against a set of expected values from the platform supplier to make better-informed trust decisions. There, our speakers will share TCG specifications to provide solutions which enable a diverse and open environment for infrastructure components to enhance this trust in the supply chain.

With an increasing number of devices and ever-advancing network technologies, security is becoming more vital than ever before for users and businesses. TCG is dedicated to developing cutting-edge innovation solutions which provide full-coverage protection, and we believe this is best achieved through collaboration.

RSA Conference provides a platform for cybersecurity leaders to share their expert insight into the best practices for preventing cyberattacks with their peers and the community. Hosting a vast range of expert-led sessions, keynotes, tutorials and demonstrations, the event offers rich networking and learning opportunities.

We are honored to be attending the event and look forward to sharing our insight – visit us at our session to join the discussion! For more information and updates on RSA Conference 2020, visit their website.

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