‘Cyber Minds:’ Expert Insights on Blockchain and Much More

Shira Rubinoff is the president and co-founder of Prime Tech Partners, which is a unique incubator in NYC. She is also the president of SecureMySocial, which warns people of social media problems in real time. 

In Shira’s new book Cyber Minds, we see a unique mix of cutting-edge perspectives on blockchain and where it is going, insights on several hot technologies like AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as solid cybersecurity advice for technology and business leaders.   

Cutting right to the core, this book offers the best practical content I have seen regarding blockchain’s potential, future and cybersecurity opportunities and drawbacks. The materials on blockchain, which includes interviews with thought leaders in the area, are simply ground-breaking.

Here’s an excerpt from page 52 regarding blockchain:

“If you look into the financial services space, we’ve blueprinted the financial architecture and sort of overlaid it with the crypto industry. When you look at that, you realize that within five year, something amazing has been built. We’ve got exchanges, wallets, mining, interfaces, and so on. It’s all moving towards institutional grade infrastructure.

Logistics is another example. In the past few weeks, we’ve heard the news of the biggest competitors in logistics coming together. I believe it was DHL, UPS, and FedEx coming together to think about how they can use blockchain to reduce and merge the burden of governance in the system. We’ll get more efficient Internet safety from that.

Blockchain is being used by farmers for cattle feeding and in Switzerland, it’s starting to be used in the watch industry and the butter industry among others. …”

Here’s one other excerpt that I like from page 60 (quoting Sally Eaves) on the leading blockchain sectors:

“Yes, I would say two sectors (are leading) – financial services (Read more...)

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