Clearswift and GoAnywhere demonstrate award-winning file transfer technology at RSA - Security Boulevard

Clearswift and GoAnywhere demonstrate award-winning file transfer technology at RSA


The RSA Conference (RSAC) has long been regarded as one of the information security industry’s biggest and most high-profile gatherings and this year’s event in San Francisco’s Moscone Center from 24 to 28 February 2020, promises to be no different.

The delegate and exhibitor lists read like a ‘who’s who’ of information security, with the great and good of the sector in attendance to listen to some powerful keynote speakers and to learn about the latest solutions that are all aiming to heighten enterprise information security.

From looking at the RSAC 2020 Trend Report, which sets out 10 key themes, it is clear that this year will be another informative and impactful event; one where we learn more about what the future holds for our industry.

The importance of smart, safe and secure file transfer
A recurring theme in modern information security and at RSAC 2020, is around the idea of smart, safe and secure file transfer technology.

Quick and easy file transfer is a cornerstone of modern business, with the use of free or unsecured file transfer services increasing dramatically over the past few years. There is more collaboration than ever before – both inside and outside the enterprise – and this is mostly a positive evolution. When teams and individuals can share expertise and knowledge, the results are inevitably better.

Yet the sharing of documents and files outside of the enterprise can leave an organization vulnerable from data loss, ransomware, and a range of other cyber threats. Solutions that block this collaboration at source can be highly restrictive. Who hasn’t felt the frustration of being denied immediate access to an important document because it has been categorized as a potential threat?

There are also issues that can arise from the sheer size of files. Organizations work with larger and more disparate file types than ever before and these can be difficult to share quickly via email.

A winning combination
That’s why our combined approach to secure managed file transfer (MFT) is one that particularly resonates with modern business. It keeps enterprises safe without restricting file transfer – volume and size – and the multi-organization collaboration that is so commonplace in 2020.

Clearswift and HelpSystems came together in December 2019. The combination of Clearswift’s SECURE ICAP Gateway and HelpSystems’ GoAnywhere product creates a compelling collaboration platform for safe and secure information sharing.

The Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway, with its Deep Content Inspection (DCI) engine, multiple AV support, and unique Adaptive Redaction technology, in harness with the GoAnywhere secure managed file transfer platform, allows organizations to share important information and large files.

Importantly, it does so whilst offering industry-leading levels of safety, management, visibility and security. Any information being transferred is only accessed by authorized parties and is clear of malicious threats, while GoAnywhere supports the transfer of massive files, via safely bi-directional content controls.

Regain control
With so many employees using services such as Dropbox and WeTransfer, the loss of control can be a real problem for internal security teams. Our solution helps regain that control and allows collaboration and file sharing to take place without compromising security.

Visit booth #2444 in the South Hall, where we’ll be showcasing our technology, outlining the cybersecurity challenges that come with file transfer and demonstrating why our partnership can keep organizations safe.

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