The Continuing Story Of Bad Corporate Behavior: Avast Antivirus Subsidiary Now Shuttering

Following the release of an excoriating report written by Joseph Cox at Vice – in which, the good Mr. Cox details the astounding bad-form by anti-virus-flogger-of-ill-reputeAvast, Nicolas Vega a news piece targeting the shutttering of the offending subsidiary by same.

‘…Vlcek and Avast’s board of directors elected to “terminate the Jumpshot data collection and wind down Jumpshot’s operations, with immediate effect.” The shuttering of Jumpshot will result in the loss of “hundreds” of jobs for Jumpshot employees, Vlcek said, adding that “it is absolutely the right thing to do.” ‘San Francisco-headquartered Jumpshot has five global offices and is led by a team of six, headed by Deren Baker.’ – via Nicolas Vega, writing at The New York Post

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