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In this episode, Tripwire CTO David Meltzer breaks down the inside baseball terminology around cyber threats and what the modern attack surface looks like, how we got here, and where security professionals need to focus their attention. Episode excerpts:

Tim Erlin: Welcome everyone to the Tripwire podcast. I’m Tim Erlin, vice president of product management and strategy at Tripwire. Today I am joined by Dave Meltzer, CTO at Tripwire.

Dave Meltzer: Glad to join you, Tim.

TE: Thanks for being here. We’re going to talk a little bit about the attack surface today, but before we dig into some of the details, why don’t we start with just a little bit of conversation about what we mean when we say attack surface. I think this is a term that we tend to throw around inside of the information security bubble but one we still don’t necessarily talk about or understand that much. So Dave, from your perspective, what are we talking about?

DM: The first term that you often hear people talk about are just attack vectors. And attack vector really isn’t much more than, you know, some avenue that someone’s going to use to exploit your systems, your networks, your information and then the attack surface. I think of it as just the sum of all the attack vectors for your company and organization.

Overall, a lot of the (Read more...)