Give your customers the best deal on data security

Data breaches are occurring more and more frequently in the retail world. As a result, consumers across the globe are now on high alert about the safety of their personal data.

Last year PCI Pal conducted surveys in Australia, Canada, the UK and US to gauge consumers’ changing attitudes to data security and found that the safety of personal data is now a major factor during the buying process.

Furthermore, Retail was viewed as one of the least secure industries by consumers in all regions surveyed, when it came to data security.

Retailers, as with all organisations, should develop and maintain good data security procedures and policies to ensure they earn the trust of consumers and contingency plans should be put in place in the event of a breach. Making these data security policies prominent within their business and demonstrating the measures in place to external sources offers assurance for customers.

One retail business deciding to clean up on data security is global electrical goods and cleaning product manufacturer, Vax.

The company places a great emphasis on providing an efficient and friendly service to all customers, and telephone-based card payments were no exception. At the time, a large proportion of card payments were failing with the existing system – the team wanted to improve the overall customer payment journey.

Vax also understood customers are wary of providing their details over the phone and wanted to take the steps to provide a quality service for their customers and secure the sensitive payment data to comply with PCI DSS.

Their new payment solution, PCI Pal’s Agent Assist, provides greater assurances to customers that data is handled securely. Risk has been completely removed from the business and contact centre agents benefit.

Read Vax’s story and learn how PCI Pal can help with your own PCI Compliance journey and securing the best deal for your customers!



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