The shopping season is upon us, and like it or not there are lots of individuals who would love to replace your happiness with their sadness. Thus, at this festive time of the year, it is imperative to give some thought and prep time to you and your family’s shopping habits and the security that surrounds those habits. If you’re like most people, you will NOT be using cash for all your holiday purchases. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your taking steps to keep your card and bank accounts secure.

Most bad actors purchase or download software from what’s known as the “dark web”. Software in the dark web is generally “known” and proven to work code that can give malicious users the ability to assess, capture and attain user information and data from unknowing computer systems and users. The good news is most security vendors are aware of these software packages and actively track and alert on their installation, usage and existence.

As individuals, we should also take additional steps to ensure all accounts that we use are secure. What are some of the steps we should be taking this season to ensure our accounts are protected?

Staying Safe When Shopping Online

While very convenient, popular and propped up with the latest mobile apps and technology, online shopping is where most malicious activity happens, and it is where most of the media attention is given.

Is it possible that a vendor that you normally shop at has been hacked in the past? If so, were you aware of the hack and did you take steps to ensure your security? Maybe you received a letter providing you with a free one-year subscription to a credit card protection service? did you sign up?

Maybe a bad incident hit the (Read more...)