Optiv Announces New Software Assurance as-a-Service Offering Powered by Veracode

In an effort to help drive collaboration between security, development, and operations, improve speed to market, and ensure software is secure from the start, Optiv has released its new Software Assurance as-a-Service (SAaaS) offering. This program pairs Optiv’s consulting and security services with Veracode’s cloud-based, end-to-end application security solutions to give companies a programmatic approach to DevSecOps.

In today’s world, every company is a software company and, as a result, one of the top attack vectors for software-driven and supported organizations is the application. Just as development teams are increasingly integrating automated security into their workflows, security teams are looking for support to plan, build, and run strong application security programs that deliver on the overarching goals of the business.

Through SAaaS, DevSecOps teams are assisted with detection, analysis, and response to application vulnerabilities with Veracode Static Analysis, Veracode Dynamic Analysis, and Veracode Software Composition Analysis. In order to ensure that the flaws aren’t just found, but also fixed, the Optiv SAaaS solution is inclusive of software assurance expertise for code review, threat modeling, SDLC workshops, architectural review, and program development.

Optiv SAaaS enables modern organizations of all sizes and maturity levels to take advantage of a highly scalable platform and seamless integration to build a customized AppSec program that delivers secure software faster. This offering can help companies empower their development and security teams, lower their security risk, and turn security into a competitive advantage.

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