My 10 year YouTube anniversary

10 years ago I posted my first YouTube video. Recorded it on my laptops webcam and edited using Windows Movie Maker.

It’s been a great 10 years, and while I haven’t gotten any of the coveted YouTube awards for having millions of subscribers, it’s been a great journey. Not only did I learn a bit about making videos, but the process also forced me to learn more about my trade and how to communicate better. But most of all, it opened doors for me, I got to meet and network with people I otherwise would not have had access to.

A decade and 304 videos later, I decided it would be a good time to go back and revisit some of my favourites.

There was the short-lived ‘Cynic Minute’. The Old Spice Ad parody one was probably my fave.

Of course, I owe a lot to ‘benefits of being a CISSP’. People still come up to me at cons and yell “CISSP!” To this day.

The next video compliance v security also did really well, and personally remains one of my favorites because of how well the analogy held together.

While experimenting with different styles, I enjoyed this one which is set as a silent movie.

The review of Ghost in the Wires had probably the most outtakes ever. Me and my daughter couldn’t keep a straight face for more than 5 words.

Some blogs are like unwritten movie scripts. Some videos inspired by blogs were,

Slide Rules, Wendy Nather

Website security situation inspired by Troy Hunt

And Watching this video is a crime, written by Rob Graham

Or of course, GDPR Millionaire by Rowenna Fielding

There were a few fun ones in between, like the Muckerberg Privacy pro

I never thought I’d make a video with Space Rogue, but here you have it. The first one we made still remains a cult classic – how to become an infosec rockstar

And I’m not afraid to rope in unsuspecting friends to talk about security terminology

Perhaps some of the most challenging, but rewarding videos though have been made when travelling to conferences

Thanks for watching, liking, sharing, subscribing… and even if you disliked, or left a harsh comment, thank you for your time and feedback.

Stay secure my friends.

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