Major metro cuts firewall spend!


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This city in North America, a hub for financial services, is in the midst of their digital transformation to the cloud.  With apps and data moving to the cloud, users could access sensitive data from any device, anywhere. The incumbent firewall vendor pushed hard for the city to deploy more firewall appliances, with VPN agents and Firewall-as-a-Service to enable mobility.

The city was not having it. The problem with adding more firewalls and VPN is that they would have to hire more IT security people to manage them. Such folks are hard to find, and those already on staff have a growing workload of things to do.  After speaking with the leading analyst firm, the city decided that secure access from any device was a must-have for productivity, and the security solution must be cloud-native.  No legacy appliances rebottled as “cloud” were acceptable.

Bitglass delivered.  Cloud-native data and threat protection for any cloud, any device, anywhere.  Nothing to install, rapid deployment and the highest customer satisfaction on Gartner Peer Insights.  And huge reduction in IT security workload and management costs.

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