Don’t suffer from a data breach over the holidays: Protect your website at no cost for 30 days

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Last month, the FBI, the United States Secret Service, and the Department of Homeland Security joined forces to mitigate the growing threat of e-skimming attacks. E-skimming, also known as web skimming, is when attackers steal data that people enter into website forms and cookies, and has become a major problem for organizations.

Over the past couple of years, businesses have made headlines for falling victim to these e-skimming attacks, such as those perpetrated by the hacking group, Magecart. British Airways and TicketMaster are just two of many recent examples. As a result of these two breaches, attackers gained access to credit card numbers and other account details from hundreds of thousands of customers and in the case of British Airways, they have been handed fines of over $200M for failing to protect their customers data.

Yet, we have seen both consumers and security professionals remain largely uneducated about the risk they have to losing sensitive customer information from their online presence. Security teams need to be particularly wary of these types of attacks around the holiday season when online shopping and travel increase — according to Deloitte, online sales this holiday season are poised to grow in the range of 14 to 18 percent compared with 2018. Higher levels of eCommerce and travel bookings create more opportunities for hackers to compromise customers’ data.

To help consumers make informed decisions about whether web pages are susceptible to data theft, Instart released Privacy Alert today, a new browser plugin that warns consumers if their personal data could be at risk when they log into a website, create a new account, or make an online payment. This very same plugin helps security teams understand the gaps in their web security strategy, specifically in determining which web forms and cookies are not sufficiently protected against e-skimming threats that occur from a compromise in the website code.

Protect your website from e-skimming attacks over the holidaysGet a FREE 30-day trial

Identify vulnerable pages

Third-party JavaScript makes web app development much easier, and they are here to stay. Installing a chat widget, instead of building one from scratch, saves teams valuable time and money. But third-party code comes with a catch — it can access all the customer information being stored in your cookies or entered into form fields on your website. Even worse, web skimming attacks take place in the browser, making them difficult to detect since they occur outside of the traditional security controls, such as a web application firewall, that you have in place. Cybercriminals can (and will) inject malicious JavaScript into your website by infiltrating a third-party script, allowing them to access and steal your customers’ data.

Privacy Alert by Instart takes the guesswork out of web app security by allowing IT and security teams to examine which pages, form fields, and cookies on their site are susceptible to data exfiltration and could be accessed by the third-party JavaScript on that page — it will even let you know which scripts have access to this information. 

Protect your customer data

Protecting customers’ private information is a top priority for organizations today. Compliance regulations, such as GDPR, are handing out hefty fines when customer information is breached and it will only get more stringent with CCPA right around the corner. Without solutions that can protect against browser-based threats like web skimming in place, JavaScript and other third-party code have complete access to your web pages and could steal data. To avoid privacy violations, security teams need control and visibility directly in the browser to authorize which sensitive data JavaScript is allowed to access.

Instart Web Skimming Protection is the industry’s first solution to prevent e-skimming attacks that target customer data. Web Skimming Protection gives you control over which sensitive data JavaScript can access in the browser so your customer’s data stays safe and you avoid privacy violations.

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By creating transparency around what data is susceptible to exfiltration, organizations can better understand what is happening in the browser to avoid breaches, fines, and loss of customer trust.

To help organizations protect their customers’ data over the holiday season, Instart is offering a free 30-day trial of Web Skimming Protection. In just 24 hours, the Instart team will protect your site from web skimmers so your customers’ private information is protected and you are not the next data breach headline, giving you enough time to do your own evaluation. 

Protect your website from e-skimming attacks over the holidaysGet a FREE 30-day trial

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